Now you can discover how to publish your content to Amazon's Kindle Ebook
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to accept your manuscripts for publication, or pay outrageously
high prices for book editors to do it for you!

You are instantly recognized as an authority expert or published author!

Your Kindle Ebook is featured at the hottest marketplace in the world
where people can download your ebooks to their Kindle readers,
computers, and smartphone apps with one click of a button!

You have the chance to attract the following you've been
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Here's some comments from people who attended our
live workshop where we recorded everything and
packaged it up for you in this convenient step-by-step,
sit-at-home video training program...

As you can hear, these folks were very glad they came to the
live event... Why?... Because we delivered everything we
promised and more... and they got the results they wanted

Not only did they pay their tuition to attend, they also had
travel costs including transportation, hotel, food, etc. and
were still thrilled about their whole weekend experience

You now have access to everything we taught them and
got them to do for only a fraction of what they invested
to be there at the live event - Read on...

From: Mark Hendricks
RE:     Ultimate Kindle Publishing Workshop

Dear Friend:

Just for a moment, imagine having your book available on the world's largest bookseller platform, with a world-wide marketplace and the ability for those proven buyers to download your ebook in just one click of a button!

Is that like a dream come true, or what?!

The great news is... it's the reality of Amazon's Kindle Ebooks.

And you can have your book titles available there for very little time and energy invested, you don't have to beg and plead and get accepted by any fancy pants publishing house... best of all, you can learn to do it yourself and have your titles available for sale on Kindle in 2 days or less!

How can I make such a claim?

I've done it, and so has someone I will introduce you to in a minute.

And we are determined to teach you how to do it too!

Here's The Top Ten Great Reasons Why
You Want To Publish Kindle Ebooks!

  • Positions you as an expert, people buy from people they see as experts

  • Builds a national reputation, many times it's much easier to go big than local

  • Attracts more clients, kindle books are a great lead generator that actually pays its own way, that's really

  • Gains you recognition, hey... you're an author - tell people that at the next party and see what they say

  • Separates you from the competition, most people don't ever write or publish one book, we will show you how to do lots of them... fast

  • Garners book reviewers' attention, book reviewers love talking about books and making recommendations to thousands of people (sometimes millions) - why not have them recommend yours?

  • Creates a valuable sales tool, you can tell your story, educate, enlighten and build a personal relationship and let people know the next step in getting to know you, like you, and trust you so they will be ready to do business with you

  • Differentiates you, look I've said it before, differences sell, "me too" marketing just says imitator and people
    buy differences... be different

  • Expands your market, Amazon is the world's largest marketplace of buyers in the world, you will drop your bait into the greatest fishing pond of buyers we've ever seen in world history

  • Creates another income stream, you can receive check after check, each and every month, direct deposited if you wish to your bank account (I really like that part :-) ) ... I could go on and on with even more!

As You Can Imagine, Our Success And Experience With
Kindle Ebooks Didn't Just Happen Overnight...

We've both been where you are right now.

  • Knowing what you want to do, but not knowing how to do it all...

  • Getting all of the sales pitches for instant success and buying the latest bright shiny object or program...

  • They got your cash, and you got their trash... again, ouch!

You know what I'm talking about, don't you?

It can be really frustrating to see others doing things you want to do - but because of limitations of time, knowledge, experience, and sometimes just the energy to learn one more thing puts a virtual roadblock between you and your dreams.

All of that is about to change for the better for you.

You've Probably Seen Plenty Of "Gurus" Pitching
How To Get Rich With Kindle Ebooks...

Most everything we've seen (and we've seen a lot) from the "Kindle Ebook Gurus" tell you the "rags to riches stories" of a few Kindle authors who hit it big and have sold a million or more copies of their Kindle Ebooks. It's true, that has happened for those few names. Typically they were early adopters of the Kindle Ebook format, or they happened to really hit the pulse of a particular market niche, or they were well-known print book authors who created Kindle Ebook versions of their best-seller print books.

Listen, we're not going to hype you up like those that purvey Kindle as the next "great get rich quick scheme"... but you should know there are thousands of other authors, speakers, coaches and business owners who make good money and establish their expert status and brand from selling or even giving away their Kindle Ebook titles in all kinds of market niches. Now you may be asking yourself, "Mark, how can you make money giving away Kindle Ebooks?" ... very good question, more about that later.

Introducing The Ultimate Kindle Publishing Workshop
How This Amazing Hands-on Workshop Is
Now Available To You On Video...

Since 1994 I've been creating and selling digital download ebooks, software, audios and videos online - and a few years ago Amazon's Kindle came on the scene. That really caught my attention because of the size of the Amazon marketplace, and even better than that... everyone who has an Amazon account is a PROVEN BUYER!

I didn't jump on it first, I wanted to see if the public-at-large would "buy into this idea" of purchasing a Kindle Reader and actually buy ebooks for it. Well, indeed they did. In an even more brilliant move, Amazon also created apps for computers and smartphones so these Kindle Ebooks could be read by people who didn't even own a full-blown Kindle Reader tablet... that made publishing on Kindle, quite frankly, irresistible!

One of the people who I kept in touch with regarding the Kindle Ebook movement was Cindi Dawson (I'll tell you more about her later). It turns out that Cindi jumped on the Kindle bandwagon about three years ago and has been making Kindle Ebooks and Amazon print books incognito (meaning she did it with a number of author pseudonyms) so she could create products to sell in a variety of Amazon and Kindle market niches (there's an excellent reason to do this, and she will tell you why...all in good time). At last count, all totaled, she has well over 100 titles available. She has 73 ebooks and 44 print books now available on the Amazon site... and I happen to know she's adding even more every week! -- if there was a listing of "Amazon/Kindle Action Hero" in the dictionary, I think you'd find her picture there!

Cindi's feverish involvement got me thinking... the time must be right for me to jump in too. So back in 2011, I created and published two print books and one ebook version of one of those books. The print books were published in June 2011 and the ebook version of one was published a few months later. I've sold both versions online, and also sold the print books at live events where I'm a featured speaker, plus at my own live events that I produce on a regular basis.

Then I did something really crazy!

In December of 2012 I decided to create a massive flood of Kindle Ebooks from content I had created in the past as PDF ebooks and other training materials for my customers and clients. It all began December 23, 2012 and by February 14, 2013 I had published 47 more Kindle Ebooks and Amazon print books! So now I have a total of 50 ebooks and print books available at the Amazon marketplace! You can find them on my Author Page on Amazon. I publish all of my Kindle Ebooks and print books under my name (but I do know I can go "incognito" like Cindi any time I wish to become a pseudonym author in any other market niche... that is so cool too).

Here's a little fact you may find interesting...

Just to show you how quickly Kindle Ebooks can be formatted, uploaded, and published... I completed 13 of them in just ONE DAY on December 24, 2012... yes, that's Christmas Eve, during the morning and afternoon, before all of our family celebrations that evening!

I've got to admit, talking with Cindi and picking her brain on all things Kindle was priceless when I finally got serious about publishing on Kindle. As I learned more and delved deeper into the Kindle system during my "Crazy Kindle Publishing Palooza" I discovered a few leverage spots I shared back with Cindi... so we amassed more Kindle tips, strategies and secrets than two humans should be allowed to know, it was a blast!

A few days after I resurfaced from my "book blitz stupor", I called Cindi to talk about some other business and all of a sudden this idea just kind of came up... I asked her if she would do a training workshop with me because I knew lots of other people could use our help and guidance too. Thankfully for you, and me, she said "Yes!"

Let me tell you a little about your trainers and coaches
for your hands-on workshop video experience...

Cindi Dawson is my "Go To Person" for everything I do with digital products, in any kind of media… audio, video, teleseminars, webinars, tablets, ebook readers, CDs / DVDs, internet radio, equipment, physical books, and Kindle too. She's been working with media since the seventh grade and creating digital and physical products for herself and clients for over 15 years. Now that’s a LOT of experience you can take advantage of. She's been creating and publishing Kindle Ebooks for three years, that's nearly as long as I can remember Kindle being available. And as I mentioned before, she now has well over 100 titles available as Kindle Ebooks and print books on Amazon.


I'm Mark Hendricks. I'm a business and marketing expert; sales copywriter; joint venture specialist; software developer; an author, speaker, consultant, mentor, and success coach. For the last 30 years, I've been using my proven marketing secrets in my own businesses to personally sell millions of dollars of products and services, as well as help other business owners get more predictable and profitable results in a wide variety of industries. I work and live with my wife on our horse farm, hidden away in the rolling hills of Trilby, Florida. Using the internet since 1994, my advice, articles, and publications have helped thousands of people world-wide to finally start making money online. And like I said before, I now have 50 titles available on Amazon... with even more on the way soon!

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Learn, And
More Importantly, Take Action And DO With
Our Instruction And Guidance!...

You will discover and actually do these things,
remember this is hands-on training delivered
straight to your computer!

Video Session 1: How To Use The Most Powerful Profit Tool Ever Conceived
How to use our proprietary method of strategizing new content, do this simple yet powerful strategy and struggling to create your content is finally a thing of the past
How to use details, fine points, main points, and major topics so that your content virtually creates itself
Seven proven ideas that kickstart your creative process to make your ebook writing easier
How to completely and thoroughly optimize your ebook content in 20 minutes or less

Session 2: Creating And Repurposing Content For Maximum Profits
Six ways to create your content so it's easy to repurpose into a variety of sellable media formats
How to create a simple marketing matrix based on your Kindle Ebook that will bring in more and more customers and income
The secrets to repurposing your Kindle Ebook into all media formats
How to produce your own profitable product line starting with just one Kindle Ebook
How to use internet technology and live speaking engagements to sell big ticket items

Session 3: Kindle Title Secrets And Interior Layout
How to come up with titles that attract buyers and search engines too
How to create the interior layout and design of your Kindle Ebook the easy way
Little known secrets that make your Kindle EBook so much more reader friendly
How to avoid the biggest mistakes that get your ebook rejected for format issues
How to avoid getting bad reviews from readers because of your interior layout mistakes

Video Session 4: Creating Your Kindle Cover
Cover creation options, four ways to get it done
How to choose the best size and format from all of the available options
The quick and easy ways to find artwork, choose colors, and pick fonts
How to use the Kindle Ebook marketplace to discover a best-selling design for your cover
Software and design tips for the "Do It Yourself" option
How to get the best results if you hire a pro to do it for you
Combining all the details together so you can quickly create your cover or have it created for you

Video Session 5: Setting Up Your Kindle Digital Publishing Account
How to setup your Kindle Digital Publishing account
How to Add A New Title to your publishing account
Why should you enroll your book in KDP Select (it's free and has great advantages)
What to watch out for when adding your book's title to the input form
The importance of your book description and how to use it to attract more buyers and get them downloading your book
Why you should choose the correct answer when verifying your publishing rights
How to choose the correct category for your book for best ranking results
What to do if you don't see a category that is best for your ebook
The strange category difference between ebooks and print books on Amazon
How to choose and place your keywords for best Amazon book search results
How to use your KDP Dashboard to access all of your ebooks and statistics
How to make changes to any of the above if you change your mind

Video Session 6: Uploading Your Cover And Interior Content
How to upload your book's cover graphic
What to do if your book's cover graphic isn't ready but your book interior is ready to go
Digital Rights Management, what is it and what's the right choice for you
How to upload your book's interior content
Which publishing territories should you choose and why
How royalty rates and the pricing of your book can mean more or less dollars to your bank account
How and when do you get paid by Amazon for your Kindle Ebook sales
What's the advantages and disadvantages of choosing to allow the lending of your ebook
How long after submitting your book for publication does it take to make it go live

Video Session 7: Top Marketing Secrets For Your Kindle Ebook
How to setup your author page and add your published books to it
How to get reviews for your ebook
How to "pulse" your ebook to get more people downloading and liking your ebook
How video can bring you more book page visitors
Leveraging your ebooks by creating a series or volumes
How to "bundle" your ebooks for more results
The secret of using "excerpts" to promote your ebooks
Promote your ebooks by doing a virtual book tour and signing
Getting your ebook featured in Hot New Releases
How reviewing other authors' books can bring more reader traffic to your ebook pages
How to build an ebook "Link Farm" to cross-promote your ebooks
How to get websites other than your own to promote your ebooks for you
And much more!

Video Session 8: Using CreateSpace To Publish Print Books
Introducing CreateSpace to make print books
Why it's important to also have print books available on Amazon
Why having a CreateSpace print book can increase your Kindle Ebook sales
How to use your CreateSpace print books for lead generation
How to use your CreateSpace print books for back-of-the-room sales at live events
Q and A and more!


To get the most out of this workshop, there's a few things we need to mention:

  • Your content should not be public domain and it should not be PLR (private label rights), you should hold complete and exclusive rights to your original content (this will save you headaches getting your Ebook approved for publishing by Kindle)

  • You should know how to use your computer... find files, save files, have Microsoft Word installed on your PC or MAC, and have your content file saved as a DOC or DOCX file - we will be teaching how to format and save your book content using Microsoft Word

  • You should have, or start looking for, a high quality (300 dpi) picture file, at least one, for the cover of your ebook, this should be a large picture, you can always trim or resize smaller and retain quality, but when you enlarge you lose quality

  • We will show you how to create your Kindle account if you do not have one already

Here's what others have to say about Mark and Cindi
from their own personal experiences with us...

Comments about Mark...

"Just the tips, tricks, and techniques you taught me in two days was worth much more than the thousands of dollars of information I had already paid for!"...

Mark, it seems like I've bought every ebook, course, and piece of software on internet marketing, and was still confused on where to start. After attending your two-day conference, the pieces starting fitting together. I am now truly headed in the right direction.

Your relaxed style of teaching, your honesty, and personal attention really were appreciated and the amount of knowledge you convey is impressive. Just the tips, tricks, and techniques you taught me in two days was worth much more than the thousands of dollars of information I had already paid for!

I highly recommend that anyone needing to sharpen their internet marketing skills and move their business forward - - get a hold of Mark Hendricks.

Thanks again,
Bill Thomas

PS: Oh, and no hype, BS, or sales pitches were included!

"You are full of insight and wisdom. I can't wait until your next seminar!"...

Your seminar was the first seminar I have ever attended. It was awesome!

You gave me more valuable information than I could ever imagine. You pointed out things that I haven't even thought of. You have to be the nicest Internet Marketer that I have ever talked to. You have taught me more marketing tactics than I was taught in college.

I am so pumped because I know the tactics that you have showed me will work. You are full of insight and wisdom. I can't wait until your next seminar!"

Thank you very much,
Ryan Bessling

"I don't endorse many people, but Mark Hendricks gets my 100% endorsement. Listen to what he says!"...

"There are not many people I can honestly recommend as a business coach without hesitation in today's world of Internet fakes. Mark Hendricks is not only genuine, but he knows what he's talking about. Many so-called "Internet Gurus" don't walk the walk. Mark not only walks the walk, he will help anyone truly wanting to succeed. His seminars are all teach and no fluff. I would encourage anyone who has not attended one of Mark's events to do so. You'll leave knowing you've learned something, not just leave pumped up, only to let back down two weeks later. I don't endorse many people, but Mark Hendricks gets my 100% endorsement. Listen to what he says!"

Ed Hudson
Hudson Enterprises, Inc.

"His words will stay with you and will pay rich dividends time and time again."...

"I've been following Mark's work since 2002 and finally became a customer in 2006. He is one of the main influences on my thinking that has enabled me to deliver consistently great results, at first for myself and now more recently for my clients. Even the information he gives away for FREE (once applied) is like gold.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mark to anyone (from beginner to expert) who is looking to find ways to increase their business results online or offline.

Do not be deceived by Mark's lack of hype and flashy promises normally found in the online marketing sphere. I would encourage any serious student of marketing to sit with his material and let it sink in. His words will stay with you and will pay rich dividends time and time again."

Craig Sunney
Comments about Cindi...

"Since taking your course I have already submitted three books to Kindle and have four more "in the works"...

"Cindi, as you know I've been an editor for over 15 years. But I had never considered the possibility of writing my own book until you answered my questions about Kindle. Since taking your course I have already submitted three books to Kindle and have four more "in the works." Thank you again for your infectious spirit and tireless help in getting me started on a whole new career."

Laura Dent

"Thank you for the interactive nature"...

"I LOVE your teaching technique. This has thoroughly clarified what to do. Thank you for the interactive nature; very useful."

Justus Lewis

"With your info I was able to set it up so that it looks perfect"...

"Thank you so much for your help with the Kindle book! With your info I was able to set it up so that it looks perfect in the Kindle viewer. So … drumroll, please … it's done! It went live on Amazon about 15 minutes ago! Yea! I so appreciate all your help!! And you know … now that it's done, I feel really, REALLY dumb that I let it seem so difficult or scary, or that I let it take so long. (I bet you're laughing now, aren't you?) I can't say thank you enough."

Sarah Brookhaven

"Cindi, you are an excellent trainer"...

"Cindi, you are an excellent trainer, and just observing your style and techniques is probably worth as much or more than the excellent instruction you are sharing with us."

Lee Pemberton

"You are the first person to have shown this system so well"...

"You are the first person to have shown this system so well. This is the first of your courses I have ever purchased - and I have purchased many - one of the best, most natural I have ever heard."

Jeannette Richardson

"I appreciate the thorough job you did in this"...

"You have done a FABULOUS job on the Kindle Profit System! This is so exciting! I can't wait to try this the way you have outlined it. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the thorough job you did in this."

Sheila Fredrickson

"You stayed until every question was answered"...

"Besides providing great information broken down into digestible units, you stayed until every question was answered. I almost learned as much from the answers to the questions as I did from the content. Thanks so much. Your information was right on target."

Joyce Hansen

"You definitely have endeared yourself to me forever!"...

"This has been one of the most value-packed programs I have taken in quite a long time. Thank you! You definitely have endeared yourself to me forever!"

Terry Britton

Okay, Let's Get Down To It... Here's Our Offer To You...

Signup for the Ultimate Kindle Publishing Workshop... get all the training, instruction, and virtual hands-on guidance mentioned above, PLUS some very valuable bonuses that I'll tell you about in a moment... and learn the easiest and quickest ways we've discovered from our own experience on how to get your content published on Amazon's Kindle Ebook platform fast for only... $97.

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How About We Really Pour It On With Some
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Not only do you get all of the instruction, guidance, and virtual hands-on experience we've promised... you also get all of these valuable bonuses to make it even easier to get everything planned, created, produced and uploaded in minimum time and effort on your part (all in PDF download format):

Pre-workshop preparation checklist
Content Strategy Optimizer worksheet
Content Kickstart checklist
Kindle Ebook formatting checklist
Kindle Ebook MS Word template (included title, copyright, dedication, preface,  body, about the author, other books by author page)
Cover creation checklist
Cover resources list
Uploading checklist
Kindle Ebook Marketing Matrix
Profitable Product Line Checklist

And You Also Get Our "We Don't Want
Any Unhappy Customers" Guarantee!

Yes, you have our personal assurance and 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Here's how it works: Signup, learn and do everything we teach and help you with, and if after experiencing what we reveal to you, if you don't think it's worth your time, money, or effort just politely let us know within 60 days and we will cheerfully refund 100% of your purchase payment fee and part as friends.

There's One More Thing You Need To Know...

From all of the customer surveying we've done and the comments we've gotten from people who've succeeded with this program, we know this information we've compiled into an easy step-by-step learnable process along with virtual hands-on training is in great demand.

The point I'm making is... Signup Now. If you don't, you will miss out on learning and doing what you know you want and need to finally get your content published on the largest marketplace in the world.

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Mark Hendricks

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P.P.P.P.S. - I could go on and on... Go ahead, say yes to yourself, signup now. 



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